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Blue flag view of mp_cobra map for soldier of fortune 2

MP_COBRA – New Map Released for 2020

  Super simple but effective Capture the Flag map for Soldier of Fortune 2. I made this map in less than 4 hours so certainly not my best work but it works, both sides...

SoF2 MK4 Tournament

House of Pain MK4 Tournament FINAL is Near!

House of Pain’s (HoP Clan) MK4 1vs1 Tournament is proving to be a hugely popular with many of the worlds best SoF2 players competing against each other in this bracket based knockout tournament. The...

60 Minute Deathmatch Round 5

60 Minute Deathmatch – Round 5 Results

Congrats to Punisher for winning Round 5 of the 60 Minute Deathmatch series. It was an incredibly close game and great fun to watch with Punisher leading by just 15-20 kills most of...