Soldier of Fortune 2 Maps

There are 20 standard multiplayer maps included with the game (Gold v1.03) version and a hundreds of community made custom maps to enjoy playing and exploring.

Standard SoF2 Maps

Here’s a list of all the stock Soldier of Fortune 2 Multiplayer maps that came with the game:

mp_air1, mp_barn, mp_col1, mp_col2, mp_finca, mp_hk1, mp_hk2 mp_hos1 mp_hos2 mp_jor1 mp_kam1 mp_kam2 mp_kam3 mp_kam4 mp_kam5, mp_pra1, mp_pra2, mp_raven, mp_shop, mp_shop2

Custom SoF2 Maps

There are also hundreds if not thousands of community made custom maps for Soldier of Fortune 2.

Below is a list of websites that currently host most of the custom SoF2 maps you will come across in multiplayer and information on how to install a custom map.

Download from Game Server

In most cases this will not be possible since many servers do not have sv_allowdownload enabled and because of the painfully slow download time in-game.

To download a map from the server simply enable “Allow Downloads” in your SoF2 options and then connect to your chosen server.

You can also do this via the console by pressing the tilde key ` (below ESC) to open the console and typing the following: /cl_allowdownload 1

How to Install a Map

Any custom maps that you download need to be placed within your Soldier of Fortune 2’s “base” directory.

For example for mp_shop69.pk3 the correct file path would be as follows: /SoF2/base/mp_shop69.pk3
(*your games installation root path may be different)

Make sure the file is in .pk3 format, some sites have downloads where the .pk3 is contained in a zip file, if that’s the case then you will need to extract the pk3 from the .zip first before adding to your base directory.