Soldier of Fortune 2 Mods

There are several mods that have been created over the years, the most popular mods on Soldier of Fortune 2 (Gold v1.03) are RoCmod, OSP and 1fx

Other Mods

As well as the above mods there are many other clientside and serverside Soldier of Fortune 2 mods for both Silver v1.00 and Gold v.103 available in our downloads section.

How to Install a Mod

Installing a mod for Soldier of Fortune 2 is a simple process, in most cases it just requires you to copy the mods clientside files to your Soldier of Fortune 2 root directory (where SoF2 is installed).

Step 1 – Download & Extract Mod

Download the clientside version of the mod you wish to play on and extract the files to your PC.

Step 2 – Copy & Paste the Mod directory

Copy and paste the extracted mod directory to your Soldier of Fortune 2 root directory.

For example for RoCMod you would need to copy and paste the directory named “rocmod” to where your Soldier of Fortune 2 is installed.
sof2 mod installation

Step 3 – Load the Mod in Soldier of Fortune 2

Most of the time when you connect to a server it will automatically detect which mod type to use and load without any issues.

Sometimes this is not the case so it is recommended to load whichever mod you are using before joining a server to ensure that the correct settings are applied.
sof2 select mod

What is a Mod?

Mod’s (short for modifications) as a term is a bit ambiguous as it covers a wide range of meanings, any modification to the standard appearance or functionality of SoF2 could be classed as a “mod”.

However, typically when people are talking about “mods” they are referring to which modified game version a server is running.

Soon after Soldier of Fortune 2 was released, Raven also released their software development kit (SDK) to the community.

The release of the SDK enabled anyone with knowledge of coding in C the opportunity to make whatever changes they wished to the game with the goal of making their own unique version of SoF2MP.

Soon after the SoF2SDK was released a number of server administration and clientside mods started emerging, some good, some bad and some just outright crazy.
Some of the most popular creations such as RPM, GoldRush, OSP and RoCmod still being used today!