FragPit Legacy Cup 2022 Team Tournament

We going live and it’s showtime! Here to announce The SOF2 Fragpit Legacy Cup 2022 Team Tournament, possibly the biggest SOF2 related event is here and we are inviting every single one of you to it!

:Fragpit Legacy Cup 2022

In Total the Tournament will accomodate 6 Teams with a minimum of 6 Players per team and maximum of 8 players.

At all times in-match there will be 5 Players + up to 3 Substitutes. Teams can be clan/community/+merceneries additionally/full mercenaries (people who never played together before). Start forming your Teams and hurry as there might not be many places left! We accounted only for 6 Teams this tournament and this can’t be changed, thus 48 People Maximum!

Your community will have a choice between 4 damage types close to following damage profiles that have been historically perceived and close to heart of many active sof2 communities today.

Normal, real, extreme, ultra damage profiles are there for you to try to find your favorite, along with 4 CTF, 3 INF, 2 DEM, 1 ELIM and one very virtuoso map made by @cuda for our Tournament.

The Tournament will be in two stages a Group Stage and a Playoff stage, 9 matches total with Grand Finals! For each match we guarantee at least one professionally done commentary and Semifinals and Finals stages will also feature guaranteed streams. For streams info/donations/prizes/extra questions/3rd party coverage consult any of our Tournament Management!

We allow any and all communities to come and comment and stream this grand Tournament with us, just message us first, deals and partnerships are able to be made with ease!

We also promise promotion to all signed up teams and clans! Champions shall have interviews, T-Shirts and possibly even more! We strive that all participants no matter of their ranking will be satisfied with our coverage and with their experience, we want to make it fun for everyone!
Tournament Creators/Management And Referee Team Responsible For Tournament: @soLicH | FRAGPIT.ORG (Fragpit), @malign (Fragpit) @Maestro Referee (LC2022) (HoP)

Additional thanks for all additional help to extended Fragpit Team Contributions, HoP Ownership/Adminship/Leadership Contributions and @Cuda Tiebreaker and Seedings Map Contributions!

Aditionally Thank you to this platform sincerely, our advertising is done in good faith and with good intentions to bring energy to SOF2 and we’d hope that your community will provide some players to participate and support this Tournament!

The Tournament is held at Fragpit/LegendZ community, for all relevant info, including sign-ups and rules please refer there!

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