Dialing in an old favorite … One_On_One (Version 2)

Dropping a version update of my One On one map I made many years ago. I threw in some more connectivity and some jump pads to increase game flow and options. Also some more Ambience with Lights and Fires.

This is a great map for groups to come in and have fun, send a player from each team above to each side below to an even playing field. It makes for a great event while everyone else watches the mayhem and has interactive input to the combat below.  An Audible Countdown is there to start the battle after each player loads up with the presented weapons and hits the ready button on each end. There are three levels to this map (Upper, Mid and Lower Levels) fun to keep your opponent on guard as you hunt them down. There is easy return access to the platform for the WINNER. Take a break and send the next player in for a kill, or a death. There is another secret room to find, not that hard actually. A place to watch the battle and chill. All in all, a fun addition to this great game with a mix of a KILLING SPREE and a CHILL ZONE all wrapped into one. Download it and give it a run, and most of all Enjoy!  As always, thanks to my SOF2 friends for input.

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