MP_JOR5 (Jordan Market Sieged) – UNBELIEVABLE NEW MAP FOR 2020!

Jordan Market Sieged!

It’s finally done, here is the final release of a project I have been working on for a months now; mp_jor5.

This map truly needs to be seen to be believed! Jor5 features a complete texture and shader overhaul to achieve true High Resolution textures for more detail and careful redesigning with gameplay in mind.

Those familiar with mp_jor1 (Jordan Market Siege) will instantly be familiar with the look of this with approx. 60% of the original map un-changed other than the awesome new textures.

MP_JOR5 Download

What’s new in MP_JOR5

  • The market and middle area of the map have now been combined and is more open plan.
  • Middle is now diverted through a building (so you cannot shoot spawn->spawn)
  • Added a third archway under bridge.
  • Climbable drain pipes (to access high areas)
  • Church (market) is closed off.
  • Behind Red Flag removed (new route from door next to flag)
  • New route from middle to hummer area.
  • New route from Bridge to Promenade.
  • New route from Promenade to Caverns
  • New route from Blue Flag to Z Alley (middle)

These changes along with the re-texture truly makes Soldier of Fortune 2 look like a game that is many years newer than 2002!

This is a large map at 140mb due to the new textures, once you see it in-game you will understand why.

Hope you all enjoy it.

To test the map yourself simple drop the .pk3 in your /base folder and load sof2.

Then type /map mp_jor5 in the console to load the map locally, no server required.


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