HopCast #1 – Interview with MKIV Champion Ul.maX^

A SoF2 PodCast? Surely not!

That’s right, the guys over at HoP have just released their first podcast with an amazing interview and general discussion of the game for an impressive 1hr 42mins!

This podcast is an interview with the reigning MKIV champion Ul.maX^ aka @funker and is a real insight in to not only the competitive side of Soldier of Fortune 2 but also the game itself over the years which I’m sure many of us can relate to.

Definitely worth a listen, so put on some headphones and pour yourself a drink and enjoy.

So here it is, the full length interview with Ul.maX^ aka @funkeR the winner of MKIV and many other competitions held in SOF2 on whatever level the game can currently/in the past provide.

The interview has not only audio, but video merit too, even though we didn’t communicate via webcam, it still allowed us to fill the video stream with many interesting facts, pictures, memes and videos in it! We tried to experiment with something new in the world SOF2 and would be honoured if you take whatever time you can afford to experience for yourself if you enjoy such conversations. We also mention and shout out the current community in the video with huge respect and all help we got from you as well with huge thanks!

We go through variety of topics, including sof2 and max competitive past in it, his experience on the tournament, discuss prominent people in sof2 world and great competitors in it (too big of a list to mention, you’ll find out in interview), discuss winning mentality in competition and in life and sof2 future as well! Separate thanks goes to MDK MR2 who made some great memes possible for this and also who provided written introduction and some words of wisdom along the way for this interview! And obviously huge thanks to this Discord Community as well as we post this vid here!

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