SOF2MODDING Tutorial Series

Soldier Of Fortune Double Helix II

Basic Tutorials
Tutorial.1 – Extracting Files
Tutorial.2 – Backdrop Folder
Tutorial.3 – Console, Cursor & Hud
Tutorial.4 – Ingame Menu & Levelshot
Tutorial.5 – Misc & Rest of GFX Folder.
Tutorial.6 – Font
Tutorial.7 – Model Folders.
Tutorial.8 – Modview
Tutorial.9 – Music & Sounds
Tutorial.10 – Scripts
Tutorial.11 – Textures
Tutorial.12 – ui files

Some images may not work due to the data loss from our old host. Read the text carefully as the Images are just incase you cant find something and are a kind of a helping hand of how to do things.

Advanced Tutorials
SOF2MODDING Advanced Tutorial.1 – Installing SOF2 SDK
Tutorial.13 – Source Coce Prefixes
SOF2MODDING Advanced Tutorial – Editing rank Prefixes Part.1
SOF2MODDING Advanced Tutorial – Editing rank Prefixes Part.2

Thanks to the following people who helped with the tutorials:
Kings Floo for creating the Source Code Prefixes
Narc for creating the SOF2 SDK Tutorial

*** UPDATE ***

I’ll be making some coding tutorials soon.
These are the basics of what you should know about the SOF2 Source code.
The tutorials will be in kind of a written walkthrough but i’ll explain almost everything.
You dont need to know alot about the language to make a proper looking mod.

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