House of Pain

House of Pain

Venue HoP Server
Gameserver IP31.186.250.124:20101
SoF2 VersionGOLD

Server IP's

Gold Main:
Silver Main:
Normal Damage:
Custom Maps:

Clan Information

Our goals as a clan and as a community is to create a one stop server where players are having fun and are enjoying their time on our servers. We aim to do this by having simple processes in place to keep the server fun for everyone.

We also make sure that our servers are of top quality performance and are well maintained to provide gamers with a lag free and pleasant experience at all times.

We take all users suggestions and complaints very seriously regardless if they are members of the team or not to help us improve the server and the community for everyone. We will always try to implement any suggested changes that players recommend but from time to time some suggestions will not be possible but when this is the case we will always give the user a valid and in depth reason to why we can’t accept their suggestions.

We strive for success so making sure our players remain happy we achieve our main goal and that is to have a active server where members and players alike are happy to come and play.

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##Clan Leaders
1 player photo Clan Member Punisher Clan Leader Age 23 Nationality
2 player photo Clan Member Maestro Co-Leader Age 41 Nationality
3 player photo Clan Member Snake Member Age 37 Nationality
4 player photo Clan Member Frozone Member Age 41 Nationality
5 player photo Clan Member BlastorZ Admin Age 35 Nationality
Players Stats
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