OpenGL graphicMOD

OpenGL graphicMOD

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OpenGL graphicMOD

Full version. Unpack the archive. Place opengl32.dll and QeffectsGL.ini to the game's directory. Have fun.


QeffectsGL: Graphic Mod for OpenGL-based Games

OpenGL pseudo-driver that adds some graphical enhancements to OpenGL-based games. You should place opengl32.dll and QeffectsGL.ini to the game executable's directory before running the game. If the game has multiple renderers available (e.g. Half-Life, Unreal), OpenGL renderer must be switched to.


  1. Anisotropic texture filtering*
  2. Full-screen antialiasing (MSAA)*
  3. HSL color correction
  4. Screen-space emboss bump-mapping
  5. Screen-space ambient occlusion
  6. Bloom
  7. Depth of Field**

* - can be also enabled in display driver's settings (e.g. NVIDIA Control Panel). But it is also added to QeffectsGL for convenience.
** - DoF effect is disabled by default. To activate it, set "DOF" parameter to 1 in the INI file.

Supported Games

    • Doom 2 (Doomsday)
    • GLQuake
    • Half-Life / CS 1.6
    • Gunman Chronicles
    • Quake2
    • Kingpin
    • Soldier of Fortune
  • Unreal
  • Unreal Tournament
  • Quake3
  • RTCW
  • Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
  • Tremulous
  • American McGee's Alice
  • Soldier of Fortune 2
  • Doom3
  • Quake4

However, it may also work with other OpenGL games. Just try!


Do not replace the library in "WINDOWS/System32"!

Some anti-cheating software (e.g. VAC) may refer the library to as a cheat. Do not use anti-cheating software when playing with QeffectsGL!


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