live_maps_2.pk3 – L!VE Server Map Pack #2

live_maps_2.pk3 – L!VE Server Map Pack #2

L!VE Chopper (live_chopper.pk3) sof2 map
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  • Create Date 21 November 2022
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live_maps_2.pk3 – L!VE Server Map Pack #2

It's here! The second map pack for the L!VE server (live_maps_2.pk3) featuring 5 new maps to enjoy.

L!VE Chopper

L!VE Chopper (live_chopper.pk3) sof2 map
Map : live_chopper
live_chopper.pk3 - LIVE CHOPPER SOF2 MAP

As small Columbia style map with a working helicopter to jump on board and take the fight to the sky!

Created by Putryfy

L!VE Airplane

L!VE Airplane Map (live_airplane.pk3) sof2 map
Map : live_chopper
live_airplane.pk3 - LIVE AIRPLANE SOF2 MAP

Originally created way back in 2008 but never really played, this map is re-released as live_airplane for everyone to enjoy.

Set on a airplane this is a small and map with tight close combat gameplay.

Created by BuLLy

L!VE Viper

L!VE Viper (live_viper.pk3) sof2 map
Map : live_viper
live_viper.pk3 - LIVE VIPER SOF2 MAP

A small CTF based map with plain monochrome texture featuring a middle arena with symmetrical walls for balanced play.

Created by BuLLy

L!VE Cobra

L!VE Cobra (live_cobra.pk3) sof2 map
Map : live_cobra
live_cobra.pk3 - LIVE COBRA SOF2 MAP

A Jordan style textured map comprising of three equal routes to the enemy flag, each route is colour coded making it easy for teams to organise their attack.

Created by BuLLy

L!VE Attic

L!VE Attic (live_attic.pk3) sof2 map
Map : live_attic
live_attic.pk3 - LIVE ATTIC SOF2 MAP

Set in an attic space this is a small CTF based map with symmetrical sides and plenty of places to hide and defend your flag.

Created by BuLLy

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