NV Mod 2.12 Client

NV Mod 2.12 Client

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NV Mod 2.12 Client

nv mod for sof2.

extract the zip file in your root sof2 folder. double click on nv_Start_Game.bat!


nVmod 2.12 sof2 from Teo on Vimeo.

Client Side Cvars:

Creates a screenshot at the end of the games, showing awards and scores.
“0” = Off
“1” = Awards Only
“2” = Scoreboard Only
“3” = Scoreboard & Awards

Use colored names for team games.
“0” = off
“1” = scoreboard
“2” = team info (crosshair over & location bar)

Choose between the 2 different Gametype message displayed type.
Values:  “1” or “2”
Default:  “2”
*note: value of zero is the same as “1”

Choose between the 2 types of weapon icons to draw (for hud).
“0” = White
“1” = Colored
default  = “1”

The following Cvars can also be changed in the hud menus or the scoreboard/hud editor menus:

Scoreboard to use. Example: “nv”.   It is better to load scoreboards through the UI menu.  (|nV|Mod->Scoreboard)

Select a custom country code.  Use the 2 letter abbreviation for the country.  Examples:  US or DE or SE or GB

Location of the follow text.  Used mostly to get it out of the way for the hud editor.

Different clock formats  values: “0”, “1”, ”2”, or “3”

Disable mod chat and killspree sounds.
“0” = All on
“1” = Disable all but Killing Spree sounds (chat tokens, camper punish, etc).
“2” = Disable only Killing spree sounds
“3” = Disable All mod sounds

Allow the server or admin to adjust your rate.

Shows Icons above gametype items (flags, case, etc).

Type of deathmessages to draw (text shown in the upper-left when players die).
Values:  0 to 6

Allows clients to set their default chat color in the server.  Use the color character for the color you want to use.  Do not use the ‘^’ key or it will default to normal.  You can set this in the menu (|nV|Mod->Settings)
Example:  nvc_chatcolor “G”
Output:  Player: Hello!
Example:  nvc_chatcolor “1”
Output:  Player: Hello!
Sof2 Default color:   nvc_chatcolor “2”

Font scale when using custom 'cg_drawFriend' settings

Alpha value when using custom 'cg_drawFriend' settings

Draws team members on the location bar.  Value is the maximum number to draw.  Anything over 8 is not advised.
“0” to disable.
“1” – “16” to show teammates.

Changes how the team members location bar is setup.
Available values:   1 to 4

This uses the updated sof2 style code for zooming in with the prev/next weapon buttons.  (commonly set to scroll up/down on the mouse wheel)
“0” = Disabled  (sof2 1.00 style)
“1” = Enabled (Sof2 1.01+)

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