MW3 Server Linux

– Preferably Xen or KVM virtualization
– ~1.5-2ghz CPU
– 512mb Ram (Preferably 1gb+)
– Fluxbox or any other X interface.
– Wine.
– At least 15gb of free space.
– ProFTPd or some other ftp server

Base install:

– Install fluxbox and VNC using this tutorial:–…ie…cle&id=180

– Installing the newest WineHQ: Unfortunately Debian doesn’t have the latest and greatest in it repositories, but thankfully there are plenty of distros based off of debian that do, and we can just use their packages. Links grabbed from http://main.mepis-de…85packages.html (Change links to 32 bit if needed)

$ cd /tmp
$ wget
$ wget
$ dpkg -i wine-gecko_1.3.0-1mcr85+1_all.deb
$ dpkg -i wine_1.3.27-1mcr85+1_amd64.deb
$ apt-get -f install


‘apt-get -f install’ will fix the dependency issues you get when you install wine with dpkg

Installing MW3: Log in to the user you created for fluxbox, and start a vnc session. Connect to vnc and open up xterm (right click > application > terminal emulator > xterm)

Download hldsupdatetool.exe and install with wine.

$ mkdir /home/'your user here'/tmp
$ cd /home/'your user here'/tmp
$ wget
$ wine hldsupdatetool.exe


Go through the steps just how you would in windows, and install it with all the default option (just keep clicking next).

Move the files and run the install (install will take a really long time btw)

$ mkdir ~/.wine/drive_c/hlserver
$ cd ~/.wine/drive_c/hlserver/
$ cp ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Valve/HLServer/* .
$ wine HldsUpdatetool.exe -command update -game modernwarfare3 -dir .


After that is finished, connect to your FTP and copy the Steam.dll file out of your personal computers steam directory and upload it to /home/’your user here’/.wine/drive_c/hlserver/
then make sure you edit the /home/’your user here’/.wine/drive_c/hlserver/admin/server.cfg to fit your server.

– Starting your CoD:MW3 Server: make sure you are in /home/’your user here’/.wine/drive_c/hlserver/ in xterm

$ wine iw5mp_server.exe +set sv_config "server.cfg" +set dedicated 2 +set net_authPort 8766 +set net_queryPort 27014 +set net_port 27015 +set net_masterServerPort 27016 +start_map_rotate


Once the window is open and loaded
type these in the mw3 window to get your server started (you may have to wait a bit)

sv_maprotation default


For those of you that get a CPU or Bandwith Error, go Here and download the “Radec.iw5mp_server.1.4.368.v1.rar” and replace the iw5mp_server.exe on your server with the one in the rar file.

After all that your server should be up and running!

Let me know if u have any issues or if I missed something.


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