Which Matches are Eligible for Points.

Which Matches are Eligible for Points.

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Match Eligibility

  • All rounds are to be a minimum of 10 minutes for each side.
  • The match must be a complete match with the timelimit hit for both rounds.
  • Any map, mod, damage settings are eligible, a match is a match regardless of server settings.
  • Server choice, match date / time is entirely up to you, we take no part in the organisation of games, simply play your match whenever and wherever you wish and then submit the match result once it has finished.
  • Only matches that have been confirmed as a loss by the losing team / team captain on Discord are eligible.
  • Maximum of 3 match submissions per day per ladder.
  • Only matches with screenshots of both rounds along with a completed match report are eligible.
  • Backdating of games is not permitted, only games played within the last 7 days are eligible for points.
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