Pwn[BOT] 1.33

Pwn[BOT] 1.33

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  • Version 1.33
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  • Create Date 8 April 2020
  • Last Updated 8 April 2020

Pwn[BOT] 1.33

Pwn[BOT] Cvars:

Here is a list of cvars in Pwn[BOT] :

g_weaponmod (0-3)

g_weaponmod 0 - Use normal outfitting.
g_weaponmod 1 - Knives only. (barnĀ Very Happy)
g_weaponmod 2 - Knives and Pistols only.
g_weaponmod 3 - Knives and rockets only.

g_weaponmod also works with callvote and kicks in for each player after their next respawn.

g_botskill (2-7)

g_botskill 6 attempts to simulate the intensity of a clan match. 2 are wusses(ish).
you can change g_botskill ingame but it wont kick in until a map_restart/new map or a kick allbots

bot_FOV (1-360)

Takes effect immediately.
Field of view of bots - defaults to 160. this is how wide the peripheral vision of the bots is. remember they need more than humans because they dont look around as much. also remember they can hear you as well.


bot_FOV 80 - bots have limited peripheral vision - they see the same amount on their screen as humans
bot_FOV 180 - bots can see the full field in front of them and directly out to the sides
bot_FOV 200 = bots can see the full field in front of them and can "look out of the corner of their eye" behind them
bot_FOV 360 = bots can see the full 360 field around them - they have eyes on the back of their heads

bot_minplayers (0 - half of sv_maxclients minus 2)

Takes effect immediately
eg. bot_minplayers 5 will keep adding and removing bots to keep at least 5 players on each team. or in deathmatch mode it will keep at least 5 players total.

kick allbots

This will kick all the bots from the server. if bot_minplayers is greater than 0, bots will immediately start joining again.
To quickly get rid of all bots do a bot_minplayers 0 then a kick allbots.
If you have changed g_botskill ingame then kick allbots will bring the new skill into effect.

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