New Development Team For SoF2 V1.00

SoF2 is not going to die

according to the leak of activity in SoF2 V.100 (Silver), me aka kyro in cooperation with chris aka (zymes.chris) decided to find the best ways to bring the game back in action.

so we started to work on few things:

  • making a discord server that collects each sof player in it
  • creating a pug bot that helps to make some competition in the game, as we gonna start the preseason of (Aftermath League) somewhere in may.
  • developing the server mod to make it suitable with (Infiltration – CTF ) competitions, as we’ve connected our discord pug bot with our servers in sof which gives us more control to make the bot self automated to moderate each operation in the game.


that’s for now as there are some future plans as (new anti cheat – new game modes in the game).


if you are interested in playing the game again, you can join us in our discord ( or through browser (




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