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PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 4:44 pm
PostPost subject: No icon SOF2MODDING Advanced tutorial – Editable rank prefixes
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SOF2MODDING Advanced tutorial – Adding Editable rank prefixes Part.1

In this tutorial im gonna show you how to make the rank prefixes editable, in for example your server config.
You should be a little bit familiar with the SDK of SOF2, setup successfully, and followed or atleast have something similar to Floo’s tutorial done.
I’ll be starting after the Tutorial of Floo by making the ranknames into a command line which you can edit in the server config.
I wont be using Images in this tutorial, only code example.

To Summerize Floo’s tutorial:
- Open g_cmd.c.
- Search G_SayTo by pressing ctrl + f in notepad and selecting the “ Search “ tab.
- When you did this you’ll probably see this:

- Scroll down until you see:
else if ( ghost )
   type = "*ghost* ";
else if ( spec )
   type = "*spec* ";

- We will be duplicating this with the other ranks too:
else if ( ghost )
type = “^7*Ghost*”;
else if ( spec )
type = “^7*Spec*”;
else if ( ent->client->sess.modData->adminref == 2 )
type = “^7*Admin*”;
else if ( ent->client->sess.modData->adminref == 1 )
type = “^7*Referee*”;
else if ( ent->client->sess.modData->adminref == 3 )
type = “^7*Sysop*”;

else if ( ent->client )
type = “^7*Visitor*”;
else if ( ent->client->sess.modData->clan == 1 && ent->client->sess.modData->adminref < 1 )
type = “^7*Clan*”;

Here is where you left off at Floo’s tutorial.
Now we will be changing this into a command and make it easier for you without going into the SDK every time.

Step.1   - g_local.h

First we are going to add the command.
I based these codes on the g_message1 command codes, which is an easy way to do it.
When you search for it in g_local.h you’ll find this script:

extern vmCvar_t g_message1;

We will be using the same code but changing “g_message1” into the name you want.
Find some free space in the file. About line 1500 you’ll have some free space.
Just above the description:
//extern vmCvar_t g_anonymousReferee;

I’ll add my ranks which are:

// Rank Prefixes
extern vmCvar_t pref_admin;
extern vmCvar_t pref_ref;
extern vmCvar_t pref_sysop;
extern vmCvar_t pref_coldr;
extern vmCvar_t pref_clan;
extern vmCvar_t pref_spec;
extern vmCvar_t pref_ghost;
extern vmCvar_t pref_visitor;

To be sure I wont have dupli commands I used a command which isn’t in sof2 yet.
Using pref_ for prefixes at the start. You could name this whatever you want but I used it to found it back easily and most commands are g_, cg_, sv_ and such things.

Save g_local.h and you are done in this file.

PART.2 - Editable Rank Prefixes

Website: House of Pain Server - Website
Serverlist: House of Pain Server - Serverlist


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