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PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 10:37 am
PostPost subject: No icon Roc-mod commands
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Roc mod console commands

/sounds - List all available voice commands
/tokens - List all available text tokens
/adm - Admin commands
/ref - Referee commands
/clan - Clan commands
/match - Match moderator commands
/addadmin - Adds a new admin to the server
/removeadmin - Removes an existing admin from the server
/addsysop - Adds a new sysop to the server
/removesysop - Removes an existing sysop from the server
/addref - Adds a player as referee
/removeref - Removes an existing referee from the server
/refme - Gives yourself temporary referee status
/setref - Sets a particular player as a temporary referee
/addclan - Adds a player as a clan member
/removeclan - Removes an existing clan member from the server
/addmod - Adds a player as a temporary match moderator
/removemod - Removes an existing match moderator from the server
/motd - Display the server MOTD again
/admrcon - Admin access to selected rcon commands
/admtell - Sends an admin message to a particular player
/players - Lists all players with their id numbers
/admlist - Lists all admins currently in the game (if not anonymous)
/about - Server mod version info
Admin commands

talk - Send a message to all players
chat - Send a message to all peers only
kick - Kick a player off the server
ban - Kick a player off the server for a length of time
cancelvote - Cancel the current vote
passvote - Passes the current vote
mute - Mute or unmute a player
suspend - Toggle your admin status on or off
pause - Pauses the game
unpause - Resumes a paused game
freezemap - Freezes or unfreezes the current map in the mapcycle
strike - Kill a player
slap - Knock a player back with a taunt
strip - Strip a player of all weapons
forceteam - Force a player onto a particular team
switch - Move a player onto the opposite team
penalty - Throw a player in the penalty box
gametype - Sets the game type
restart - Restarts the current map
mapcycle - Switches to the next map
map - Switches to a specific map
friendlyfire - Turns friendly fire on or off
extendtime - Extends the timelimit by a certain amount
timelimit - Sets the timelimit to a specific amount
scorelimit - Sets the scorelimit to a specific amount
swapteams - Swaps the teams
endmap - Ends the current map and moves everyone to intermission
lock - Locks or unlocks a team
suspendall - Force all admins to suspend their admin status
fry - Set a player on fire
launch - Tosses a player up into the air
explode - Detonates a player from within
plant - Immobilizes a player
telefrag - Kills a player by telefragging them
surrender - Strips a player of all weapons and puts their hands in the air
respawn - Forces a player to respawn
bait - Plants a player in the enemy spawn, defenseless
eventeams - Evens the teams
clanvsall - Moves all clan members to one team, and others to the other team
swap - Swaps two players between opposite teams
invite - Invites a player to join or spectate a locked team
pbkick - Kick a player for a length of time (using PunkBuster)
pbban - Permanently ban a player (using PunkBuster)
pbgetss - Take a screenshot of a player (using PunkBuster)
freezemap - Freezes or unfreezes the current map in the mapcycle
startmatch - Begins a match, with special server settings
endmatch - Ends the current match, returning to normal settings
forcematch - Forces a match to start, even if all players aren't ready
dummy - Marks or unmarks a player as a free-to-kill target dummy
novote - Prevents a player from calling votes for a period of time
cvarcheck - Displays the value of a player's cvar
cfg - Forces the server to apply a specific server cfg
tag - Tags specific players for subsequent commands
swaptags - Swaps the tags on all players
cleartags - Clears all player tags
tagvsall - Rearranges teams to put all tagged players on one side
cripple - Weakens a player's health and damage
backfire - Causes a player's own bullets to turn against him
password - Changes the server password

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