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PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 10:35 am
PostPost subject: sof2 Server commands
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Usefull server commands.

Info: - If you give these commands in the serverconsole , you must put rcon in front of them

- When you give this commands in the server console window ( green window on your    desctop ), you don't have the put rcon in front of them.

- When you use hlsw to control your server , you aslo don't have to put the rcon in    front of them.

The most important commands.( where the x is you set a value )

g_gametype x : This changes the gametype .

dm = deathmatch
tdm = teamdeathmatch
ctf = capture the flag
cctf = classic capture the flag
inf = infiltration
elim = elimination
scorelmit x : This changes the scorelimit that must be reached before match ends.

timelimit x : this set the timelimit of the match.

g_respawninvulnerability x : this sets the time in seconds that a player can't be harmed after                                                  respawning ( count so long the player does not move or shoot).

g_gravity x : Sets the gravity of the game ( standard is 800 ).

g_speed x : Sets the gamespeed ( moving around speed for players )(standard is 280).

g_knockback x : sets the knockback when you are beeing hit( ex. value -100 = no knockback)                              standard value is 700

g_rounstartdelay x : Sets the time in seconds before a player can start the action , for                                     gametypes like infiltration and capture the flag.

g_roundtimelimit x : Sets the timelimit in minutes before a round is over for gametype                                     infiltration and elimination.

g_friendlyfire x : Sets if players are able to shoot there own teammates. When set to 1 players                              will be able to shoot teammates , when set to 0 not.

g_warmup x : Sets the time in seconds before a map restarts after a warmup time.

g_teamAutoJoin x : value 0 sets when a player enters the game he will be in spectator mode                                    value 1 sets that he will directly joins the action.

g_teamkillPenalty x : Sets the amount of points that player loss when killing a teammate
                                   for example -1 = player looses 1 point of his score.

g_suicidePenalty x : Sets the amount of points a player loss when he kills himself.

g_weaponRespawn x : sets the time in seconds before a pick up weapons respawns.

g_backpackRespawn x : Sets the time in seconds before a backpack respawns.

g_forcerespawn x : 1 sets if the palyer respawn automatic.
                                 0 sets that the player must hit his firebutton to respawn.

g_inactivity x : sets the time in seconds before a player will be kicked from the server when he                           is not moving at all. When set to 0 it will never kick players for this reason.

g_password x : This locks your server for the public , only players that know the password will                             be able to join your server. ( where x is set password ).

g_allovote x : Sets if players are able to call votes. 0 = no voting / 1 = voting allowed.

g_voteduration x : Sets the time in sec. a called up vote stay's. ( default is 60 )

g_timeouttospec : Sets the time in sec. when a player is moved to spectator mode when he is                                  not sending data to the server ( ping 999 ) ( default is 15).

rmgmap 1 small 2 desert 3 day 4 ? 0 : changes the map to RMG map desert small.

map mapname : Changes the map to the selected map ( mapname stands for the name of
                            the map). ex. map mp_italy.

dmflags x : sets if you want falldamage or not.

0 = you die when you fall.
8 = You don't die when you fall.
10 = You don't die when you fall.
24 = You don't die when you fall.( best value )
40 = You don't die when you fall & and the footsteps sounds are gone.
g_forcefollow x : Sets when spectators are able to fly around as ghost or that they must                              follow a player. 1 = follow a player / 0 = ghost.

g_followenemy x : sets if palyers area ble to follow the enemy or not ( standard value is 1 ).

0 = Only own teammates.
1 = Allow to follow enemy's.
map_restart : restarts the map.

g_pickupsdisabled x : sets if you want disable or enable the weaponpickups.

0 = players must pick up there weapons in the map.
1 = players must pick there weapons in outfitting.
g_availableweapons x : sets what weapons are available on your server.

0 = Not available.
1 = Only available in games where pick ups are enabled .
2 = Available in all gametypes.
The standard value is '2222222222222' This means all weapons available.(sof V1.00 )

Every number stands for a weapon.

Below the weapons list for sof2 V1.00 ( more info for gold in topic mapcycle ).

M1911A pistol
Socum pistol
Flash nade
Frag nade
Fire nade
Smoke nade
For example you want only the knife and the M4 then your code will be :'20000002000000000'

Info : You can get one weapon code generator from us on demand.

sv_hostname x : Sets your servername.

sv_maxclients x : sets the maximum of clients / slots the server will allow.

sv_mapcycle x : where x is set name of your mapcycle name and server will start up cycle.

sv_pure x : sets if your server must be a pure server or non pure. ( 0 = non pure / 1 = pure ).

sv_maxPing x : Sets the maximum ping a player can have to be able to enter your server.

sv_maxRate x : sets the maximum rate of your server.

Note : There are many more servercommands that you can use , but these are the ones that you                    will need the most.

https://www.proclanservers.com  Pissed Off  Rent your SoF2 Server   Die!   Rock
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