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PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:18 pm
PostPost subject: sof2 Tutorial.8 - Modview
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SOF2MODDING Tutorial.8 - Modview

Welcome to the SOF2MODDING Tutorial Series. I'm gonna explain how to make a MOD for Soldier Of Fortune Double Helix II. The tutorials are for beginners and advanced modders. Some parts are hard to understand, so if you have any Questions you can Comment or send me a PM with the Question you have.
Alright Let's Start.

We have deleted the model folders we dont need.

We need some new things to download for the mod.

1. the image editors. ( you probably already have it ).
2. Modview.

Image Editor

You can find the links in earlier tutorials about the gfx folder.
link: Backdrop Tutorial


Download: Coming Soon!
For mod makers, making new characters is one of the best ways to make your creation feel unique and special. With Soldier of Fortune 2, Raven has tried to make modding characters easy and very flexible.
With the items contained in this .zip file, you can skin an SOF2model.

We are not gonna use Modview to change the models! we are just using this program to look how the model looks like.

Extract to a folder where you can easily find it.
I put it into my sof2modding folder make a subfolder where i put all my programs in and than i make another subfolder for the program.

Now open the base folder and than model folder.
Now go back to your sof2modding folder and open model folder and copy all the folders and paste 'm into the modview/base/models folder.

Now let's test if it is working, we will start with the characters first.
So open Modview and go to File and hit Open.
go to the modview/base/models/characters folder.
Let's hit the first map: average_armor - You will find 1 glm file hit it.
Now you will get the error: R_loadMDXM: Missing anitmation file skeletons/average_sleeves for mesh average_armor.glm.
This means an animation is missing, Don't worry there are more files.
now there is 1 empty folder and than we have a folder called: average_sleeves.
1 have the same error and 1 doesn't, just search out.
You will find now a character model. Don't worry about the white part on his head.
We want to change this skin right?
so if you open the folder yourself you will find alot of image files.
there are a few character names: ..._czech_serg_w..., ..._col_rebel_h...., ..._marine_camo..., ..._pro_guard_b...,  

Some informations you would like to know :

'A' at the beginning are the Arms.
'B' at the beginning is the body.

At the end the Numbers stand for the character.
As you are ingame and your in a team you have the choise between 5 characters.
So it will be from 1 to 5 everytime.
as example a_col_rebel_h1, a_col_rebel_h2, a_col_rebel_h3, a_col_rebel_h4, a_col_rebel_h5.

You can edit the images with image editors.
Open the Rebel 1 body image.
so just to take a look, grap the pencil and draw a few lines in diffirent colors over the image.
Now save the image in modview/base/models/characters/average_sleeves folders.

Restart Modview and open the glm again.
Now you will see some stripes on it.

as example i did this:

and it looks like this on modview:

As i said in Tutorial.8 - study the files a bit so you wont get confused what part is what.

You can do the same with the Weapons and other glm files.

Rest you will see in Video Tutorial! Because this is the Basic of it.

Good Luck,

Video Tutorial Coming Soon!

Website: House of Pain Server - Website
Serverlist: House of Pain Server - Serverlist


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