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   Soldier Of Fortune 2 Forum Index » SOF2 Tutorials » SOF2MODDING Tutorial.5 - Misc & Rest of GFX Folder.
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:59 pm
PostPost subject: sof2 SOF2MODDING Tutorial.5 - Misc & Rest of GFX Folder.
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SOF2MODDING Tutorial.5 - Misc & Rest of GFX Folder.

Welcome to the SOF2MODDING Tutorial Series. I'm gonna explain how to make a MOD for Soldier Of Fortune Double Helix II. The tutorials are for beginners and advanced modders. Some parts are hard to understand, so if you have any Questions you can Comment or send me a PM with the Question you have.
Alright Let's Start.

We Have had the Backdrop Folder and now we can go Further.
To use this we need to use a Image Editing Program.

Here are some programs you can use.

Download: Paint.NET

Download: GIMP

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Portable
Download: [url=]Adobe Photoshop - Coming Soon![/url]
Description: More freedom, speed, and power to make incredible images real. You’ll get dozens of new and reinvented features, including the most advanced sharpening tool available. Share work right from Photoshop® CC to Behance® to get feedback and showcase your own projects. Get access to new features the moment they’re released. Your entire creative world, together in one place.
Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/nl/file/42e449fbbbe98aba4c79d1434d0b11923379faba943e888e0966766379dcdf28/analysis/
I'm gonna use Photoshop CS6 Portable.


Go to your SOF2 MOD Folder and open ' gfx/menus/misc ' ( Just as the image in Hidden content but instead of backdrop Folder the misc Folder. )

Now you can see some medal images, Map Loading Images, some bars, a star and flags. ( if not your wrong ).
We are not gonna Edit very much inhere.

Let's Start with Map Loading, so search for load_clip.png and open it.
Now Edit it but let some space in the middle.


1. Pick a Color ( i preffer Black ).
2. Make a New Layer.
3. Grap the Paint Bucket Tool and fill the new layer.
4. Grap the Text Tool and Type your text.
   For example: SOF2 or yourmodname.
5. Rasterize Type of the new layer.
6. Press ctrl + A To Select, move it a little bit.
7. Go back to the color layer but dont deselect.
8. Now press ' Delete ' and it will delete the selected part.

Save the image and your done. ;)

Now the Bullet if it is loading open ' load_bullet.
grap the Rectangle Marquee Tool ( Press M ).
Select the part of the bullet.


Now Click on the selected part with your right mouse button and hit Fill.
Click Color and select the color you want.

Now we did the Bullet ' load_bullet '

You can also edit the other images but those are the most important.


Go to your SOF2 MOD Folder and open ' gfx/menus/scoreboard ' ( Just as the image in Hidden content but instead of backdrop Folder the scoreboard Folder.

Now we can see 4 Images.
Open Scoreboard and you an edit as i showed you guys in Tutorial.4.

If your done with it just give ' scoreline.png & scorelineheader.png & scorelinefooter.png ' a nice color, by using Blending Mode -> Color overlay.
Give a nice color and send Mode to Color/Hue/overlay.


Make a new layer and and fill that layer with a nice color.
Now Click on the new layer with right mouse button and hit Create Clipping Mask.
Mode on Normal, because it doesnt work on Black ( if i'm correct with this ).

Do this with all the images in Scrollbar Folder, and your Done.


This is a Quick Tutorial about the other folders on the GFX Map.

These folders are not necessary to edit.

You can Edit these folders:
- Damage
- Decals
- Misc
- Sprites

If you make new models you can edit playericons to the characters you edited.

Good Luck,

Video Tutorial Coming Soon!

Website: House of Pain Server - Website
Serverlist: House of Pain Server - Serverlist


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