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PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:54 am
PostPost subject: No icon PunkBuster™ Player power
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This facility is not associated with the votekick system that is built into the game itself. Both systems work independently of each other and can be used together or be enabled/disabled separately depending on the desires of each PB Server Admin.

   PB Player Power allows PB Server Admins to empower their trusted regular players with more weight in a new elective process used to remove an undesirable player from the game server. Frequently, troublemakers who attack teammates, block doorways, or otherwise ruin the gameplay are able to get around other methods of keeping them off of the server. This new facility aims to tackle this issue so that gameplay on good public servers doesn't suffer when troublemaking punks show up.

   The use of this facility by players requires being comfortable with issuing PB Commands. Please refer to the Commands section of this publication for general information on how to access the game console and enter PunkBuster commands.

   When connected to a PB Server, use the pb_power command to determine if PB Player Power is enabled or disabled on that server. The first line of output shows this indication. Below that line, a list of all connected players is displayed showing each player's PB slot #, power rating and also the number of power points that have been applied against each player (if any). Once the number of power points applied against a player has reached the limit for the server, then that player is removed from the game and won't be allowed to rejoin until several minutes have passed (the exact amount of time is set by each PB Server Admin).

   Notice that if any players are shown to have 100 power points, then those players are considered deputies to the PB Server Admin. If one or more deputies are connected, then only deputies are able to use the PB Player Power facility.

   When no deputies are present, all players on the server may each apply their power points against other players. To apply your power points against a player that you want removed from the game, use the pb_kick command. You must specify the slot # of the player who you wish to have removed. The slot # of each player is shown in the list displayed by the pb_power command described above. For example, if you wish to remove the player in slot #5, then press your tilde key (~) to bring down the game console, then enter "pb_kick 5" (without the quotes), press the Tab key, and then press the Enter key. The PB Server will ignore your pb_kick commands if there are one or more deputies connected or if you enter the command more frequently than once per minute. There is no duration for the pb_kick command. It stays in effect until you leave the server, or the target player leaves the server or until you specify a different player with the pb_kick command. That means that your power points can only be applied against any one other player at a time.

   Players should be aware that when power points are applied against another player, the event is reported to all players on the server by PunkBuster. The report includes the target player's slot # and name as well as the name of the player who issued the pb_kick command and the associated number of power points applied.

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