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PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:49 am
PostPost subject: No icon The Basics PunkBuster™
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Game integration

   Although there is code inside the Game to allow PunkBuster to be integrated tightly with the Game, the PunkBuster software is completely separate from the Game software.  It resides in its own folder called "pb" inside the game folder.  For example, if your game is installed into a folder called "c:\games\sof2", then the PunkBuster files will be in "c:\games\sof2\pb".  To remove or uninstall PunkBuster from your system, simply delete the "pb" folder using the explorer program on your computer.  PunkBuster does not modify the system registry nor hide files or other information anywhere else on your system.

   There are only a few files in the "pb" folder when PunkBuster is first installed.  When the game is first launched after PunkBuster has been installed, PunkBuster will add new files and folders for later use.

   Most people install to and run the game (and PunkBuster) from a local hard drive.  However, for players who run the game from a shared location such as a network file server, an extra step is required in setting up the game to run so that PunkBuster functions properly.  PunkBuster must have full control over its own files and subdirectories for each player.  If multiple players are running the game (and PunkBuster) from the same shared location, then PunkBuster is very likely to have problems authenticating one or more of the players and will eventually remove them from gameplay.  In order to function when running the game from a shared location, the fs_homepath game setting must point to a separate location for each player who runs the game from the shared location.  The easiest way to set this up is to copy the "pb" folder from the shared location to a folder on each player's local hard drive such as "C:\SOF2PB".  Then add +set fs_homepath c:\sof2pb to the end of the shortcut target (or other mechanism) that is used to launch the game for each player running from the shared location.

PB Subdirectory and files informations

   The "pb" folder normally contains the following file types:

       Files with a "dll" or "so" extension (example: pbcl.dll) are PunkBuster system files.  Removing any or all of these files may cause your PunkBuster system to stop working.  Modifying any or all of these files is a violation of our End User License Agreement and permanently terminates your license (and legal ability) to use our software.
       Files with a "db" extension are PunkBuster database files.  The PunkBuster databases are automatically created and maintained by the PunkBuster software.  If you delete one or all of these files, PunkBuster will recreate and re-populate them with information obtained from Master PunkBuster Servers if possible.  Modifying any of these files may cause PunkBuster to act in an unexpected manner.
       Files with a "dat" extension are PunkBuster data files.  They should not be removed or modified.  The PunkBuster system will maintain them automatically.
       Files with a "log" extension are files into which PunkBuster logs information during the course of using the software.  By default, the PunkBuster Client only logs severe error information to a log.  The PunkBuster Server logs important activity into log files automatically.
       Files with an "htm" extension are special log files that are designed to be viewed by a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape.
       Files with a "cfg" extension are configuration files that contain PunkBuster commands and settings.  You can create and modify your own configuration files and have them loaded either automatically or manually.  Details about PunkBuster commands and settings are given later in this publication.  Two specific "cfg" files: pbcl.cfg and pbcllog.cfg may be used and overwritten by the PunkBuster system under some circumstances.  Each time PunkBuster starts, the pbcl.cfg configuration file is loaded automatically.

   PunkBuster also creates subfolders inside the "pb" folder to organize information; the following is a list of these folders and what they contain:

       The "htm" folder contains htm files that are used during PunkBuster's auto-update system.  Over time and after many updates, this folder may contain old files that may be deleted to recover disk space if desired.
       The "dll" folder contains various PunkBuster system files obtained during the auto-update process from prior version installations of PunkBuster.  As with the "htm" files described above, old files in this folder may be deleted to recover disk space if desired.
       The "scrnshot" folder contains PunkBuster screenshot files (described more fully later in this publication).  These files may be retained or deleted as you see fit.
       The folders that start with "sv" are used by the PunkBuster Server software and are not covered in this publication.  For more information about these folders, please see our related publication entitled 'PunkBuster for Server Administrators'.

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