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   Soldier Of Fortune 2 Forum Index » SOF2 Tutorials » SOF2MODDING Tutorial.14 - Making Weapon Skins
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:46 pm
PostPost subject: sof2 SOF2MODDING Tutorial.14 - Making Weapon Skins
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SOF2MODDING Tutorial.3 - Console, Cursor & Huds

Welcome to the SOF2MODDING Tutorial Series. I'm gonna explain how to make a MOD for Soldier Of Fortune Double Helix II. The tutorials are for beginners and advanced modders. Some parts are hard to understand, so if you have any Questions you can Comment or send me a PM with the Question you have.
Alright Let's Start.

In this tutorial i'm going to show you how to make a weapon skin very easily.
There are a few programs required and a few steps have to be taken before you can do this tutorial.

The Programs which will be used are the following:

Milkshape 3D
Download: Download here!

Photoshop CC Extended Edition
Download: Download & Buy here!
Description: We will be working with Photoshop CC Extended edition, but any photoshop version which supports 3D models is good to use. If you do not have the 3D Functionality this tutorial is basicly useless for you.
If you don't have Photoshop CC, please buy it or download it yourself, as we are not going to give illigal version away.

I'm not going to explain how to install and download this software, there are plenty tutorials and websites where you can find info from there.

Before you can start following this tutorial: You need to have the models folder extracted!

Milkshape 3D
Open Milkshape 3D, a screen with 4 view will appear on the screen.
Click on the blue looking viewscreen ( probably bottom right ), and hit the RMB ( Right mouse button ), and make sure it's set on textured.

Now go to:
File -> Import -> Ghoul2 Model GLM
A window will open and you have to select the weapon glm file. This will be in the models folder.
Models -> Weapons -> {WEAPON NAME}
, for example the ak74 will be in the folder named ak74 which is stored in the weapons folder.
you'll see only 1 file named {weapon}.glm, for the ak74 example it's named ak74.glm.
Just double click on it and a new popup window will appear, just hit "Import" and don't change anything there, unless you know what you are doing.
Now there 4 views will be filled with the ak model view.
If the blue screen is not textures but white or blue instead, than you should repeat the first part of this Milkshape 3D Part.

Now you might see on your right a lot of tabs, like Vertex, Sphere, Face, etc... Don't be afraid because we are not going to model the weapon. We are just using Milkshape 3D to export the glm file as a 3ds of obj file.

So we are going to do the exact same thing as importing but now using the export tab and another extension.
So go the:
File -> Export -> Wavefront OBJ or  Autodesk 3DS

Which of these 2 you choose is all up to you, but it doesn't really matter.

I choose the OBJ Extension, so now it'll show you the window "Save As", and just use a name you want, and save it.
We are done with the Milkshape part and you can close the program. Ignore any messages to save the file, just press no.

Photoshop Extended
Now open up Photoshop.
First create a blank new file, go to:
File -> New
A window will popup, and you'll need to add some values.
Use the width & Heigth to your likings and i recommend using Resolution 72, and Color mode RGB 8 bit.
I'm using the size 1920 x 1080 ( My screen size resolution ).

Now that we have a file, we will be needing to import the 3D model into photoshop.
a GLM file is not supported by Photoshop, that's why we created a obj or 3ds file.

Now go to:
3D -> New 3D Layer from File...
and select the obj file you just exported.
Now the model will be loaded in a small window from the front and a bigger window from the top.
To change this view, we just have to do the following:
Click on 3D in the presets menu ( Where your layers are ).
Now a bunch of layers will show up, named things like body, bodyr, gunbarrel etc...
We select the "Current View" Layer, and the properties window will change.
Just select at the View dropdown the correct view you'd like. ( Left for example ).
When you have choosen Left, the model will appear very small and vertically.
Now there's a very easy way to change this, first select "Perspective" mode, instead of Otrhographic.
Now there will be a slider named "FOV:", and make it bigger, like 30 fits for me.
Now the weapon is still vertically and to big for the file, we just need to change it's position.
On the top of the properties you'll see a Camera named "3D Camera", and like a box icon. Click the Box Icon.
Now there are some values like X: Y: Z:, and arrows, an angle and a box ( you can't do anything with it ).
Underneath the angle, there is probably a value with -90 or 90, beneath that there is a value which is 0.
Change the 0 to -90 or 90, if you selected "Left" it'll be 90.
Now go back to 3D Camera and change the FOV, so the weapon almost hits the edges of the file.

Now select the " Infinite Light 1" Layer, and make sure you have the "Move Tool" Selected.
you'll see like a big circle and a stick coming out, grab the stick and drag it to the middle of the smaller circle.
This controls the light and if it's set to the middle it's the best view from the side. Don't change anything from the properties.

Now hit the "Scene" Layer, and hit the "Layers" tab to go back to the original layers.
Be sure you have ak74 layer selected, and press ctrl + J, so it duplicates the layer.
Now press the triangle on the side, so it will open up some information about the layer.
Click on the eye next to "Textures", the weapon will turn white now.
Now press RMB ( right mouse button) on that layer and hit Convert to smart object.
click RMB again and hit "Rasterize Layer".
Now theres a dropdown menu which says "Normal", select "Overlay" or "Soft light", depending on the model you are trying to edit.
Now create a folder which is placed between the ak74 layer and ak74 copy layer.
now press hold CTRL and hit on the thumbnail of the ak74 layer, so the weapon will get selected ( lines around it ), and make sure the folder map is still selected.
Now on the bottom you have 7 icons, press the one with the squae and the circle in it, named " Add Layer Mask ".
Now on the map folder there will be another thing added to, which is black and gets the form of the weapon.
The ak74 layer does not change!
Now in that folder, create new folders, these folders are for the colors you'd like to use.
I'll be using 3 colors so i'm creating 3 folders, name the folders to the colors you are using.
Now press RMB on 1 of them and press " Blending Options", a new window will popup.
Select the "Color Overlay checkbox".
Change the color to your liking. Do the same with the other folders besides the layer mask folder.
When you have done it, just create a new layer in a map for what color you'd like to use.
For example, i made a "White" Folder, so i create a new layer in that folder.

Now use the paint tool, or pen tool or Polygonal Lasso Tool, and you can start editing the files.
Each folder uses the color you have set for it, so it does not matter which color you have set for the paint tool or something like that.
It'll always use the colors you have set for the folder, be sure to create new layers in the correct folder, but you'll notice that anyway.

When you are done with this side, just do the following.
Make a copy of the folder you edited ( selecting the folder with the layer mask ) and pressing ctrl + J to duplicate.
Now rasterize that duplicated layer, and hiding the original mask layer, by clicking on the eye.
Make sure that rasterized layer is just above the ak74 layer.
Press RMB on the rasterized layer and hit " Merge Down", this will implent the design into the texture file.

now hit the trangle again, so it will expand the ak74 layer, and double click on the Diffuse Layers.
e.g. Beyonet, ak74. This will show you the textured files, and to save it just press ctrl + s, so it'll save the texture file.
Now just edit it on the other sides, by doing the same process.

Be aware, when there are multiple textures on a model, some designs may not apply to the texture for idk what reason.

this tutorial might seem very complicated and difficult, but it's pretty easy once you get used to it.
I will make a video tutorial about it soon, so you'll get a look on how i'm doing it.

This is a very efficient way to make a weapon skins which makes it look very professional and clean,as it won't cover up the black parts of the textures and only the parts where the models are.

I Hope this helped some people, as it's been requested a couple of times.
This is my way, but there are many other ways.

Website: House of Pain Server - Website
Serverlist: House of Pain Server - Serverlist


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