Old school players aka friends of "Flipper"
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#1: No icon Old school players aka friends of "Flipper" Author: flipper PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 5:30 pm
Hey there !

Im son of a oldschool player nicked "Flipper".

I rememberd him playin SoF alot with his friends and went even to turnaments with his team that he won a so on.

He played alot and made friend ingame i belive but priorities become other then SoF, so he quit.

Im 26 years old at the time but this happend like 13 years ago.

He is not playing at the moment and havent sence.. He tried couple of times getting on and reinstalling the game, but lost CDs of the game and lacking computer knownldge it was in vain..

So im here today folks tryin to seek out some old buddies of him, just to bring back some nostalgia in his life..

Like i said he nicked "Flipper" and i belive i saw him matched with some CmK members but dont remember the nicks but was friends with them..

It is an long shot in a sence this game is really old and some of hes friend might not even be active etc... but tryin aint hurt anyone ey?

Thanks for helping out

Kind regaards

Flipper the second

#2: No icon Re: Old school players aka friends of "Flipper" Author: Punisher PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2018 11:24 am
Did he play on Silver or Gold version of SOF2?
Might help out with the direction people could look at.

It's not the most active community, but i know there are people that played since it's release and are still playing.
Maybe try to join XS / CKY server on gold. There are a bunch of people that play this game since the beginning (if im not mistaking) and you might find your luck there.

I'd say just join up on a server where there are people, there are still some servers with a good community behind it where they just up on certain times and just play together.

Soldier Of Fortune 2 -> Introductions

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