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PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 3:16 pm
PostPost subject: sof2 SOF2MAPPING Tutorial.2 - Make a room
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SOF2MAPPING Tutorial.2 - Make a room.

Well, this will be one of the most basic tutorials, which is to make a room easy & Quick.
I mean just placing 6 walls, without making all 6 seperate.

I'll be using GTK Radiant 1.5 for this tutorial, as it's a newer version which supports sof2.
This still works for GTK Radiant 1.4, but the placements may be diffirent.

Alright, let's start.
1. Drag a square on the Grid layer ( The left screen ).
2. Now hit Right Mouse button on the right screen, and use the arrow keys to move around untill you see the box, mouse for looking around.

After you have done this, your view should look something like this:

The sizes might be diffirent, the box might be bigger or smaller or from another angle, but that doesn't matter as long as you see something similar to this. ( Same counts with textures ).

Now the room might be a big to big, like in the screenshot above. I want to have it a little bit smaller, but i can only change one angle when shrinking the box in the grid box.
3. to change the view or your grid, you just have to do the following:
        - In the top menu there is a small button with XYZ as an icon, with the name "Changing views".
        - When you click this once, it'll change the view, and when you hit it again it'll go to another view, and the 3rd will go back to the first

Now just play around with it a little, and find which side is doing what, and find the correct one.

Once you have your size done and you are happy about it, you may have noticed that you can't go through the box or all the sides will dissapear once you went in there.
Now we just have to Hollow the box, and it'll auto generate 6 walls.

4. about 4 icons to the left of the XYZ Icons you'll see a icon which is named "Hollow".
Be sure you still have the box selected ( Right Shift + Click on the box, so it'll turn red or purple).
If it's selected just press the "Hollow" Icon and you should be able to get into the box and place the things you want there e.g. spawn points, models etc...

You have created a room and are done with this tutorial.
I can't explain this more detailed as it actually speaks for itself.

Website: House of Pain Server - Website
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