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Hello and welcome to my review of GTA4.

So basically the game is set in Liberty city aKa New York City in real life.the main character is Niko Bellic and he is a russian immigrant searching for a better life in the U.S

The game is ran on Rockstar Games' RAGE engine which has really good graphics and is in general,quite realistic.especially the car deformation.that is probably the most realistic aspect to the game.and why this game is so famous.There are many videos of crashes in GTA 4.

so the story starts with Niko's brother Roman who is a depot owner and taxi/delivery company owner.but he has difficulties living in the U.S and has many enemies who Niko has to deal with.

The game content itself is no more different to something like gta san andreas.but in san andreas,i must say there was way more things to do.

GTA4 gets somewhat boring after a long while because there is not really alot of things to do.

and the multiplayer has quite literally died out because nobody is interested in it anymore.

this is the first trailer released.

there are also two extra versions of GTA4.

one of them is The Ballad Of Gay Tony.this is a much purple,and more gay(no offence to any homosexuals).but it is fun.you can use parachutes and new types of guns AND an APC aKa armored personel carrier.

the other version is The Lost and Damned.this version is much more tough and is all around the biker gangs and the wars between them.in this version theres really fun bikes to drive around with.


So my conclusion is,that this game is really worth the buy and although it may get boring,your still gonna want to play it again,and again and again.

Added: Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:00 am
Reviewer: pownzor
Hits: 668


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