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example of my bot route i made for finca1 ctf

Description: bot route 2nd vid
Posted by LilJoe on 14/03/2015
Category: Tutorial
viewed 164 times


bot route tutorial

Description: To begin,...some maps have bot routes already,but they are not good ones.Save your routes,back them up for later in case.-------------------------------------- You must have rcon to make routes. I\'ll use mp_shop for an example here. delete this route
Posted by LilJoe on 14/03/2015
Category: Tutorial
viewed 158 times


Mitchell Brunings - Redemption Song

Description: Mitchell Brunings Candidate of The Voice of Holland " Talent Show ", performing a beautifull song from Bob Marley called Redemption Song.
Posted by Punisher on 02/09/2013
Category: Music
viewed 231 times


Drawing of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Description: Drawing of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Posted by Punisher on 02/09/2013
Category: Funny Videos
viewed 198 times


Residents on the sketchbook - Art Drawing 3D

Description: Residents on the sketchbook 3D Art Drawing
Posted by Punisher on 02/09/2013
Category: Funny Videos
viewed 260 times


Vow of Barbarian - Speed art ( #Photoshop )

Description: This video is made by: Batkya If you like it please support creator and subscribe to his channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/batkya
Posted by Teo on 01/09/2013
Category: Funny Videos
viewed 451 times


How to install fairplay anti-cheat for sof2 (tutorial)

Description: This is a tutorial of how to install fairplay for soldier of fortune 2 demo and full versions.
Posted by Teo on 02/07/2013
Category: Tutorial
viewed 301 times


Coolermaster Hyper 612S Review

Description: How to install a Coolermaster Hyper 612S
Posted by Teo on 27/04/2013
Category: Tutorial
viewed 155 times


[PP] 8.LAN-Trailer

Description: Short trailer for our 8th LAN party in Vienna. The last years the best scenes have been accumulated to a compilation. movie: [PP] 8.LAN-Trailer duration: 2min 11sec video: 1280x720; 21000kBit/s; 25fps audio: 128kBit/s player: VLC media player location: A
Posted by Slater on 24/03/2013
Category: Games Preview
viewed 250 times


How to compile the RoCmod Source Code - Soldier of Fortune 2 Modding

Description: http://www.sof2.org In this video ChamChoms will show you how to install and compile the RoCmod Source Code to create your own mods for Soldier of Fortune 2. Special thankyou to }RoC{ Arrnor for creating this fantastic mod and releasting the source code,
Posted by Teo on 10/11/2012
Category: Tutorial
viewed 242 times

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