SoF2 Mapping Tutorials (Part 1) - Soldier of Fortune 2 from Teo on Vimeo.

In this video foyleman will explain some slightly more advanced tecniques used in map creation and how to use GTK Radiant to create a map from scratch


Firstly you will need to download GTK Radiant from here:

GTK Radiant v. 1.4 -

GTK Radiant v. 1.5

The version he uses in this video and the download link above is 1.4, which in my opinion is still the best version for SoF2 mapping.

Hope you all enjoy and find it useful.

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SoF2 Mapping Tutorials (Part 2) - Soldier of Fortune 2 from Teo on Vimeo.

Note: Firstly BIG thankyou to Foyleman for making this video way back in 2002, many mappers have used this as a starting base for their map creation.
Posted on Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:57 am by Teo