1st.  You need two things to make server side mods.  Packscape and Notpad.  Since notepad is included in windows, all you need is Packscape.  Here is a link for it.  Download Packscape Here.

Now that you have what you need.  Download this mod as a starting point. Get Mod Here

Open this file in Packscape.  Just open packscape and drag the file into the window.  It will look like the following picture.

Screenshot of mod opened in Packscape.

You will see a folder called ext_data.  Click on that folder and you will see on the right a file called SOF2.wpn.  This is the file that holds all the weapon mod settings.  Drag that file out of packscape and to desktop.  Now open notepad and drag the SOF2.wpn file into the notepad window.  It will look like the following screenshot.

Screenshot of SOF2.wpn opened in notepad.

Now all the stuff at the top of that file, just leave how it is.  Lets add some ammo to the socom.  That would be an easy thing to do.  So scroll down till you see the start of the weapon settings.  It will start with knife and socom is next.  It looks like the following code.

Socom Code view.

Find the first part that say Clipsize.  Well that is easy to understand.  It is the number that sets how big the clip is on the socom.  Change it to 100.  Which it already is on this mod.  Then scroll down to damage and set what you want damage to be.  Also change the mp_damage.  The "mp" part means the multiplayer setting.  So make sure you change that as well.  Below I will put what each item is, so you know what it is and what can be done with it.  Now that you have changed the numbers.  Save that file in notepad.  Once you save the file, just drag that file called SOF2.wpn back into the packscape window and save.  OMG you just made a server mod!  Put the mod file/pk3 file in the MP folder and enjoy.

Item listing so you know what it is and does.

NAME: this corresponds to the name in the SOF2.INVIEW file. Don't touch this yet.

DISPLAYNAME: Now this is the weapons name as you see in in the screen. Or actualy there's a file that has the name and all that WEAPON_NAME_ stuff refers to it. But you can just type the name to it, since it shouldn't cause any trouble.

MODEL: The world model for the weapon. The one you see on the ground and in enemies hands.

SAFE: For the weapon switch code. So if you have the weapon switching set to safe, and the weapon is not safe (safe = false), the game won't automaticly switch to it.

RANK: Higher the rank, better the weapon in the weapon switch code.

CVAR: Variable of the weapon. WP_ for weapon, AM_ for ammo and so on. Helps the game to know whick thing is which. All weapon and ammo should have its own CVAR. if you have the same on two weapons, you get them both when you pick up one of the weapons.

CATEGORY: What slot does the gun go. 1=knife, 2=pistol, 3=shotgun, 4=smg, 5=assault rifle, 6=sniper rifle, 7=heavy weapon, 8=grenade.

MENUIMAGE: The image that appears in the weapon menu in game.

MP_ANIM: 3rd person animations in multiplayer.

ATTACK: Primary fire. The section under this is the primary fire of the weapon.

AMMOTYPE: What ammo does the gun use for primary fire. Ammo types can be found in the SOF2.AMMO file.

CLIPSIZE: How much ammo does the gun have in it's magazine.

DAMAGE: How much damage does a shot cause. It the weapon shoots pellets (shotgun), it's damage per pellet.

PELLETS: How many pellets does the gun fire per shot. Use SPREAD with this.

SPREAD: How much does the pellets spread during their flight.

ARMORPIERCING: How much damage goes through an armor vest. 0.0 for 0% 1.0 for 100%.

MUZZLEFLASH: Muzzle flash for the gun in 1st person view.

MUZZLESMOKE: Muzzle smoke for the gun in 1st person view.

3RDPERSONMUZZLEFLASH: Muzzle flash for the gun in 3rd person view.

SHELLCASINGEJECT: The type of shell thrown out of the gun.

TRACEREFFECT: Tracer effect for bullets. Only for NPC's weapons and Multiplayer.

INACCURACY: How much does the gun get thrown off target per shot. Higher the number, faster the gun starts shooting off target.

MAXINACCURACY: How much can the weapon shoot off target.

RANGE: How far does the bullet fly. Doesn't aply if you have a projectile (like a grenade) on the attack.

VOLUME: How loud is the gun. Doesn't affect the audio effect, just how far can an NPC hear the gun. 0.0 for no sound, 1.0 so that every one can hear it.

KICKANGLES: What direction does the gun kick. All I know is that in "x y -z q" 'y' is for up.

MP_xxxxx: Same but for MP.

FIREMODES: Under this is all the firemodes for the weapon. These are AUTO, SINGLE and BURST.


DiNk's Mod

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