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PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 10:48 am
PostPost subject: No icon Creating a server
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Info you need before you host a server

First info you need to find out .

- What your upload speed is.

The higher your upload speed is how more playerslots you can host.

few examples :

128 Kb/S    = you can host up to 8 slots.
512 Kb/S    = you can host up to 12 slots.
1024 Kb/S  = you can host up to 20 slots.
- If you are behind a router.

If you are behind one , you will have to open the needed ports.When you don't open the
needed ports will the players not find ur server in the serverlist.

If you don't know how to open ports for the router you can find out how here :

Here you can find out how to open ports : Portforward.com

Unmodded server

- First create one reconpassword.

- Open your sof2mp.cfg and find the line seta rconPassword "xxxxxx", where the xxxx are    you set a password. ( dont take a easy to get one like 1234 ).
  If you dont find this line in your sof2mp.cfg add it manually.

- Start up your game.

- Choose create server ( second icon at the bottom )

-You will have the follow screen.( click on screens to enlarge )

Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com   Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com
- On the first screen you must set the desired gametype and map.

- On the second screen you see more things that you must setup.

Score limit = the limit by score before the match ends.

Time limit = The limit by time before the match ends.

Time extension = The time that will be added when you vote to extend the timelimit.

Round time limit = the timelimit for gametypes like infiltration.

Friendly fire = this sets if you want to be able to shoot your teamplayers or not.

Pure server = When set to yes then players will have to the same pk3 files as the server.
                       And when they have other skins , they will not be able to play with them
                       on a pure server.
                       So its best to set this option to no.

Dedicated = If you want your server online you must set it to the option internet.

Host name = the name others will see in the serverlist. ( servername )

Maximum players = the maximum of players that are able to play on your server.

Password = if you put something here , players will need to know the password or they will                      not be able to enter the server.

- After you setted all these thing up click on the right top of the screen ( launch server ).

- Now will close your game and there will pop up a serverconsole ( see scrren below )

Warning : Do not close this window or your server will be closed.Just minimise it to the                  taskbar.

- You see in that serverconsole a white line , there you can give in servercommands.
  List of the most important commands you can find further on this page.

- To play on your server relaunch the game and pick join server and see if you find your    server in the list.When not you did something wrong

Modded server

- There are several mods in soldier of fortune double II helix.

For Sof 2 V1.00: Rpm 0.7 , Rpm pro ,admin mod , dvm mod any many others.

For Sof 2 Gold : Roc-mod , osp , goldrush , rpm pro and others.

- You find links to these on our downloads page.

Creating a modded server ( RPM 0.7 )

- This is to create a modded server with Rpm 0.7 but other mods are done on the same way.

- Make sure you habe installed the mod exactly.

- Mods go in your game in one separate directory ( not under base or mp ).

- Go into the mod directory.

-Look for the rpm.cfg , inthere you must set all kind of things ( rconpassword weapons ...)
 setup this to your liking and save it.

- Now start up the game with the RPM.BAT that you find in the rpm directory.

- You will there is a new icon at the bottom of your game . ( sun icon ).

- Click on the sun icon.

- Inthere you can set a whole range of settings for the server. Set everything to your liking
 and go back to the create server icon.( if you need help , you can always contact us ).

- Choose the map you wanne have and click on the icon launch server.

- The games console window will appear again ( Don't close it !).

- Start the game back with the sof2mp.exe

- Log in to your server.

https://www.proclanservers.com  Pissed Off  Rent your SoF2 Server   Die!   Rock
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