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PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:52 am
PostPost subject: No icon Query a server with PHP
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I will provide 2 php functions which you can use to query a server and then format the query results. This is only for the AS2_INFO query. It returns the server's hostname, map, game, and gamemode.

The query function: (note: It returns the data urlencode()-ed, so that it is easier to work with the strange characters returned by the query.)

/* SOURCE ENGINE QUERY FUNCTION, requires the server ip:port */
function source_query($ip)
$cut explode(":"$ip);
$HL2_address $cut[0];
$HL2_port $cut[1];

$HL2_command "\377\377\377\377TSource Engine Query\0";
$HL2_socket fsockopen("udp://".$HL2_address$HL2_port$errno$errstr,3);
fwrite($HL2_socket$HL2_command); $JunkHead fread($HL2_socket,4);
$CheckStatus socket_get_status($HL2_socket);

$CheckStatus["unread_bytes"] == 0)

$do 1;
$str fread($HL2_socket,1);
$HL2_stats.= $str;
$status socket_get_status($HL2_socket);
$status["unread_bytes"] == 0)
$do 0;

$x 0;
while (
$x <= strlen($HL2_stats))
$result.= substr($HL2_stats$x1);    
$result urlencode($result); // the output
return $result;

And now for the function that formats the query results: (note: it assumes the exact output of the above query function. The query info is returned into an array with the keys: hostname, map, game, gamemode )

/* FORMAT SOURCE ENGINE QUERY (assumes the query's results were urlencode()'ed!) */
function format_source_query($string)
$string str_replace('%07','',$string);
$string str_replace("%00","|||",$string);
$sinfo urldecode($string);
$sinfo explode('|||',$sinfo);
$info['hostname'] = $sinfo[0];
$info['map'] = $sinfo[1];
$info['game'] = $sinfo[2];
if (
$info['game'] == 'garrysmod') { $info['game'] = "Garry's Mod"; }
elseif (
$info['game'] == 'cstrike') { $info['game'] = "Counter-Strike: Source"; }
elseif (
$info['game'] == 'dod') { $info['game'] = "Day of Defeat: Source"; }
$info['gamemode'] = $sinfo[3];

Finally, an example of how to use all of this would be:

$query source_query($ip); // $ip MUST contain IP:PORT
$q format_source_query($query);

"Hostname: ".$q['hostname'];
"Map: ".$q['map'];
"Game: ".$q['game'];
"Gamemode: ".$q['gamemode']; 

resurces: (xfire) toasty2

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