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PostPosted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:48 pm
PostPost subject: No icon How to install Soldier of Fortune 2
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For some reasons i got some questions about people have trouble with installing the sof2.org downloaded sof2 correctly.
I made a quick tutorial on how to download and install it.

Let's start by downloading Soldier of fortune 2, this aint that hard.

Step.1 Choose the version you like.
[url=SOF2 Full]http://www.sof2.org/modules.php?name=Downloads&op=getit&lid=391[/url]
SOF2 Gold
SOF2 Demo

When your on one of the above download page scroll down untill you see ' Security Code or captcha code '.
Just fill in the code which is displayed on the image and hit download.

Step.2 Downloading the Keygen

While sof2 is taking about 10 min maybe 15 min to download we are going to download the Keygen.

Just repeat the download steps with sof2 versions.

Step.3 Extracting the files.

When both downloads are finished make a folder somewhere where you want to have sof2 installed. For example your Desktop.
Make a Folder called Soldier of Fortune II - X ( X = Version your using ) or just Sof2.

Now go to your download folder and open the .rar file ( its probably named to the version, full.rar, gold.rar or demo.rar ).
Minimize the .rar for a second and go back to the folder you created earlier and open the .rar again and select everything and put it into that folder.

Step.4 Adding a cdkey to sof2.

Now extract the keygen.rar to your desktop and open it.
Hit 'generate' a few times. Copy the code and paste it into notepad.
Erase all the ' - ' in the code. For example if the code is: 1FD4-FKE4-AS67-FE. Change it to 1FD4FKE4AS67FE ( not a real code ).

Download the file attached to this tutorial ( sof2key ), this is to avoid using minimizer, bcs you need to enter you cdkey ingame and it will generate this file.

Open it with notepad and change the code - ADD YOUR CODE HERE - with the code you have generated.
For the example code it will look something like this:

// generated by soldier of fortune 2, do not modify
// Do not give this file to ANYONE.
// Raven Software and Activision will NOT ask you to send this file to them.

Be sure you have erased the ' - ' between the numbers.
Just save the file NOT save as or anything else.
When its saved copy it and paste it into your sof2/base/(mp) folder ( you can paste it either in base or mp folder. )

Now we have installed sof2 successfully but we need to have a client mod.

I dont know if demo is using a client mod but i know Gold has Rocmod and XS mainly other mods arent used and Silver has RPM or RPMPro.
Search in the download section for the mods.

When you have downloaded the mod you need to extract it.
When its extracted it will be either in a folder ( RPM, RPMpro and XS are extracted in the correct folder already ) and you can just paste it into your sof2 folder ( Where sof2mp.exe is located ).
Rocmod 2.1c doesnt have the folder yet and you just need to create a folder called rocmod and paste it into the same location as the other client mods.

You can now test if sof2 is working by double clicking sof2mp.exe and entering a server ( For gold: Turn auto download off and download the map manually, its way faster ).

If you can enter a server without getting a message ( For example invalid cdkey or anything else ) you have successfully installed sof2.

If you have any problems installing sof2 just ask it here, it will be discussed earlier and there will be more people who could help you.

Video Tutorial can be found here:

[Watch On YouTube]

Headset broke while recording so this is a TTS voice, doesnt sound to robotic tho, i'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Website: House of Pain Server - Website
Serverlist: House of Pain Server - Serverlist


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Poster Member
Poster Member

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:25 pm
PostPost subject: No icon Re: How to install Soldier of Fortune 2
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password RAR SOF2 Gold ??? plz
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In Game: Teo

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 10:09 am
PostPost subject: No icon Re: How to install Soldier of Fortune 2
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RCJA wrote (View Post):
password RAR SOF2 Gold ??? plz

there is not a password...
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