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   Soldier Of Fortune 2 Forum Index » Introductions » Punisher Introcution
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:45 pm
PostPost subject: sof2 Punisher Introcution
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Hi Guys,

While i was looking trew some sections i noticed that i didn't really introduced myself yet.
Well my name is Noah also known as Punisher on SOF2, im currently 16 years old and i live in the Netherlands.
I've been playing on several names. I Started playing on the name btk jr, at that time i was just fooling around, playing like a noob, jumping boxes and climbing trees. after i think a year or so i felt boring and started playing some inf and i liked that and i went looking for a good name.
As first i was thinking about Tazmaniandevil of the Looney Toons, but there was already a guy in the server with that name as my dad told me, so i though further, i was thinking about marvel comics like Superman, Spiderman, batman but i didnt really liked those names. at a late evening there was a movie on a RTL channel called The Punisher: ..... and i though that it was an awesome figure and he's fucking brutal so i picked that name. i enjoyed playing alot but i stopped playing inf because they were playing to late for me. My dad said Hool$ was a good server and played it in for a while, after several months Active asked me if i would like to join his clan and agreed with it. After around a year i met some great people, who were also in H$ ( Kick-ass and Honor ), and we all had the same thoughs about h$ ( it was to easy ). So we made our own clan called EDT. We played a few weeks and than the problems began. While we were playing a scrim again Pure Hate clan they started to accuse us of Hacking. We were recording demos and we in a punkbuster server but they didnt believed us.
They started to tell it to other servers and clans and they blindly believed them and we slowly got banned in alot of servers. Kick-ass and Honor didn't liked it anymore and they left the game. a few days later some portugese people started a clan called SoH and they didnt knew me or what so ever. The server was nice and the few playing in it were friendly, so Crazyman asked me to join and i did. I was for about 2/3 years in the clan and at that time i also started to play some more infiltration but SoH became more and more portugese and we were with just a few people foreigners, they wouldnt adjust to the english language and we started to talk to the 2 leaders of the clan. 1 of the leaders had the same problem because he was from England, and he asked their members to start talking english, but they didnt do it and after a while i asked them if they could speak english and their co-leader just said something like: f*ck you, we speak whatever we speak, so i talked to the leaders and 1 of the leaders left with me of the same reasons. Than i joined P&G because i knew Hannibal and alot of others. After playing for a year in there, the troubles came back of the hacking. PH again came with "proof'' of me hacking, so after a while and a good talk with Hannibal i decided to leave the clan for their reputation. than in 2012 or something some old friend from SoH came back and started Baka and they asked me to help so i did, while the hacking part was still there, but their didnt care and they believed me, but at a certain time i decided to change my name for a while, and i changed it to T|||GER. When i did that only Hannibal and the baka member knew who i was and i didnt hear anyone whining about the hacks they though i had. after 4/5 months i changed it back to punisher and directly the whining came back. So they were just whining at my name and not my playing style. around the same time the baka leaders made the decision to stop because of their studies and work, but we still got in contact. Around autumn i started to play some Silver and found !3D 1fx infiltration but they were asking me to get fp/ac and i got sick of it, so i went to check out AT & 3D. First i joined AT but i havent met monty yet, after he went mad on me because i said something to him of his behaviour he banned me and i went to 3D. there i went for a while till 2013 Februarry or something like that, than i with some others because there wasnt any fun anymore ( Ddossing alot etc... ), and we started J3rK clan which lived untill Summer 2013. We had 2 servers ( Hide & Seek and Infiltration ), we originally started as H&S but l00natic asked us if we liked to have an inf server too and i agreed with it, but the server became active and alot of people liked it. Than in the summer we decided to quit the clan and just get back to 3D and now im still in 3D and still enjoying it.

In the meantime of this all i developed my knowledge of SOF2 from the easy Image Editing to Shader scripting. In about 3 months im gonna start learn Coding C/C+/C++ and some others if i want it.
It's alot of text and alot of bullshit but if your interested you can read my sof2 storyline.


paragraphs didnt really worked out as i planned

Website: House of Pain Server - Website
Serverlist: House of Pain Server - Serverlist


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In Game: M@DDeN

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2014 6:27 pm
PostPost subject: No icon Re: Punisher Introcution
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cool story bro!

i never you were a hacker ass-banger Very Happy  Wink
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In Game: `hS.*activee!

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 12:19 am
PostPost subject: No icon Re: Punisher Introcution
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interesting :> Very Happy
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