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Rocmod 2.1c Source Code



Given that I no longer have time to work on ROCmod, I thought it only fair to finally release the source code to the community. Many have asked for it, and I've debated back and forth whether to release it or hold on for another update, but I think this is it for me, at least for SOF2.

The source is being provided publically under the following two conditions:

  1. If you use and of the ROCmod source code in your own mod, all I ask is that you please give me credit somewhere in your mod for it. A post here in the forums telling how or where you're using it would be fun to hear too.
  2. If you need help working with the code, post your questions here in the ROCmod forum, or any other SOF2 modding forum. But DO NOT contact me on MSN or via email about it. If I had time to help with someone else's mod, I'd still be working on ROCmod. There are plenty of people on the forums that can answer your questions. I may stop by on occasion and answer questions I see in the forum, but it will be limited to the forum.

This is basically an unedited copy of my development folder, so the paths within all of the batch files will have to be changed to fit the location of your SOF2 compiler. Have a look around, there's a lot here beyond the standard SDK.

I've also created a few new categories here in the forum that you may have noticed, feel free to use them for your modding discussion and help as you explore the source code and/or work on your own mods.

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