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K!nGs Server Mod



~|K!nGs|~ Server Mod by Floo (based in rocmod 2.1c) 

This mod dont pretend to be a "serious" mod...the improves and the changes are simple....the most cool thing i think is with this mod u can make look very personal and custom your own server, cause u can change many things what with the regular rocmod u cant...also the crash fix is very important....also u have kill count...healt regeneration...extra rang...and much more things Smile


With kings mod u have the following improves or/and characteristics: 

*Crash bug with symbols like &@% fixed. 

*2 extra admin powers - /adm fly id => then the id selected is sended to the sky and can run with freedom, but the player get his weapons removed to evite any posible abuse of this power. 
                     - /adm godown id => the last one inverted, u send the player under the ground 

*The adm power /adm strike id  has been added the efx of of lightning. 

*extra rang added: in rocmod the max rang is sysop, with this mod u have 1 more, this rang have immunity to the sysop and all (noone can touch you) 
                  -to add this rang just type /rcon addleader id 
                  -or to remove type /rcon removeleader id 

*admin rights changed: in rocmod 2.1c admin actives can follow the enemy when they die...was thinked to right watch the hackers....i dont see the point then its disabled...equal conditions of game for all 

*prefix chat added, everyone has a chat prefix like *visitor* player ....*referee* player.....etc 
-these prefix can be changed like u want with a simple command, what are: 
     - /rcon g_visitorprefix "name what u want for the visitors" 
     - /rcon g_clanprefix "name for your clan members" 
     - /rcon g_refereeprefix "name for the ref" 
     - /rcon g_adminprefix "name for the admin" 
     - /rcon g_sysopprefix "name for the sysops" 
     - /rcon g_extrarangprefix "name" 

*also u can choice in what colour every rang write in the chat, for change the chat colours use: 

      - /rcon g_visitorcolour "^7" , for example then the visitors write in white colour. 
      - /rcon g_clancolour "codecolour" 
      - /rcon g_refereecolour "codecolour" 
      - /rcon g_admincolour "codecolour" 
      - /rcon g_sysopcolour "codecolour" 
      - /rcon g_extrarangcolour "codecolour" 

*u can edit also some things like the headshot message, the server messages (message: whathever), and the humiliation message, the only way to change these messages in rocmod was modificating the soundpack, now u can edit these things as u want with a simple command ingame: 
      -headshot message => use /rcon g_headshotmessage "headshot" 
      -server message => use /rcon g_svmsg "message" 
      -humiliation message => use /rcon g_humiliation "humiliation" 
*The admin actions was changed to show in separated way the admin of the sysop and of the extra rang, u can edit the look of this using the followed command: 

      - /rcon g_extrarangaction "^7** ^5Leader Action ^7**"    ...u can ofc change this like u want. 

* Admin has reinstated his Leader rang message...i call the extra rang leader...but the leader name in this message what appear when u type /adm suspend 2 times can be changed too, just type: 

      - /rcon g_extrarangname "^5Leader" ..or the name what u want. 

*Health/armor Regeneration, for use this feature type: 

      - /rcon g_regeneration "2" => the regeneration works for the health and for the armor 

      - /rcon g_regeneration "1" => works just for the health 
      - /rcon g_regeneration "0" => regeneration off 

note: after type the command u need to restart the map. 

*Kill count added....u see in the screen the number of kills what u get.... 

*When someone of your clan connect u see in the chat who is connecting and what rang he have. 

*When someone left u see in the chat the message "someone left" 

*30 and 20 seconds left added in the same way of the 5, 3 and 1 min left...also when u join blue or red team u hear a sound.. 

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