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1fx. Mod 0.61



Thanks for considering 1fx. Mod!
This is the download for 1fx. Mod 0.61. This release is LTS (Long Term Support), meaning it's stable and can be used on live servers without problems.

If you have any questions pre- or post install, you can ask them on the 1fx. Mod board.

[!] You should verify the downloaded package prior to using it on live servers, the MD5 hash for this archive is: fcd5dde5c4d1a1e8d3dcf691a35279e1

Post bugs here: Bug Tracker. Because this release is LTS, only critical bugs will be patched and merged into the LTS branch (and a new version will be released).

Highlights in this release:
- Fixed weird movement (e.g. "hangs") when people connect/change teams etc. with unsupported characters in their names.
- Fixed bots spawning at the start of a round with bot_minplayers CVAR enabled, even if there were enough members on the teams (and thus kicking them again 10 seconds later).
- Fixed bots spawning even if there were enough bots present (but in spectator team) with bot_minplayers CVAR enabled.
- Fixed bug that allowed clients that switch teams to respawn.

You can see the full changelog here.

Upgrading from 1fx. Mod 0.60:
Please only follow these steps when upgrading from another release in the LTS branch, else do a clean install instead:

  • Delete the 'vm' directory and upload the 'vm' directory found in the archive.

*** How to set up a 1fx. Mod based server ***
For those interested I present to you a quick tutorial to get your server up and running in no time!
This is a small tutorial for those setting up their first home server (on Windows). These steps don't work for those using a rented server or those using Linux/Mac/*BSD.

You should run your server on vanilla settings. You should use another installation of SoF2 to play. Thus it's recommended that you download a clean install of SoF2. You can do that from here: SoF2 Download.

Once you've downloaded the necessary files we continue:


  • Extract the 1fx. Mod 0.61.zip to a temporary folder.
  • Move the RPM folder to your SoF2 directory. It's recommended to delete your old RPM folder and replace it with this one.
  • Edit your Config.cfg.
  • The last part of the Config file is vital. If you wish to run a server with a mapcycle:


    // ***End CVARs***
    writeconfig "sof2mp.cfg" // Do not change.
    seta sv_mapcycle "files/mapcycle.txt" // Change the Mapcycle at that location.
    mapcycle // Without this the server wouldn't start with a mapcycle.
    //map mp_shop // Without this the server wouldn't start without a mapcycle.

    If you wish to run a one-map server only, change the last line (map mp_shop) to any map you wish to play.
  • Run the Start Server.bat
  • Enjoy playing!

That's all!

Enjoy playing around with 1fx. Mod!


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