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XS Mod Rocmod 2.1c Crash Fix



This file fixes a string bug that causes rocmod servers crash no matter wich version
of rocmod server is used. This is caused by strings that have too many symbols and signs
rather than numbers or letters on a chat or team chat messages, and floods the max tokens 
chars variable a string can have.

The spam messages will still show on screen but server will not crash, this is good to see who 
are the hackers that are spaming a high ammount of invalid ascii chars so admins can ban them.

With this file, server will ignore high ammount of invalid chars as: % . / $ + ! * & ~  or
special ascii symbols like the ones Funky Name Maker uses.

INSTALL xS-ROCmod-2.1c-CrashFix
Just put file xS-ROCmod-2.1c-CrashFix.pk3 under your rocmod directory of your server.

Clients may not need the file if server has g_verifyClients to 0, so server dont force players 
to download the same version of client and server in order to play game.


***I applied this fix to XSmod as well wich had the same bug as rocmod, becouse xsmod is based on
rocmod 2.1c source code.***

About ROCmod
Created by -]Roc[- Arrnor

ROCmod is an admin mod for SOF2. It is similar to existing mods such as OSP
and Sneaky, but the intent in creating ROCmod was to take the best features
from all admin mods and combine them into a single "ultimate admin" mod, with
many additional features thrown in as well. ROCmod is well on its way to
achieving this goal, and already contains an impressive list of features and
options for both server admins and players.

ROCmod is not a weapon mod, and should not be mistaken as one. ROCmod does not modify the weapons and damage properties of weapons within SOF2. Servers are free to use (or not use) any damage configuration they wish with ROCmod.

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