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Evo Downloads 1.2.1



This release was more of a maintenance release but also has a few new features that was asked for. In this release I had put in such things like the FaceBook comments that has admin controls within the the module that allows you to pick if you what the one made for light themes or the one for dark themes, also it has the options to allow you to set the width of the comments section and set the moderators for moderating the comments. I also put in a link to the debugging because you may need to debug the downloads page until Facebook updates. Full instructions are in the section to what you would need to do. Any questions can be asked on this site. Other features and maintenance stuff done to the site was by user request. Another new feature was the ability to add in category icons for individual categories.


The following is a list of some of the fixes and upgrades I have done for version 1.2.1


[FIX] Scrolling Featured system [FIX] Area to manually put in the URL for the Download [UPDATED] Got the system PHP5 compliant. [UPGRADE] Added in the ability to assign Category icons [UPGRADE] Added in FaceBook Comments along with full admin controls.

There are many other small things as usual, but I figured I get the big points across and try not to bore you with all the little things.  I know that this needed to get done and for the longest time I been saying I am done with it, no more, just because it takes lots of hours of coding and testing and I could spend my time in other area's that could help my clan in the donations, but I had people that kept bugging me and asking about it and finally convinced me to do this release. I like to thank 5STAR for testing this for me and coming up with a few features and helping me figure out if something is worth doing or not doing. For a preview, you can go to my site and see it here: 


Since the first release, here is what has been done:



improved the search results showing list improved the overall showing of files in the category listing improved overall look of viewing of the files Added lightbox image effect to all uploaded images for the downloads added in top 10 most popular list added in top 10 recently added downloads added addition listing of info about your downloads section Added in removed user controls that allowed people to report broken downloads or make modification request. . Added when you are logged in as admin, and your viewing a download and want to make changes to it, or deactivate or delete it, you can without having to go all the way into the ACP and into the DL module and find it, it brings you to it.  Added in controls in the downloads ACP to turn on or off the Downloads Overview Added in controls in the downloads ACP to change the amount of the "Top most" shown in the Downloads Overview. Restriction to download. Feature was removed by I believe the Evo team for who know's what reason. Light box feature, replaced it with lytebox that is already found on Evo Extreme. [FIX] Downloads Overview alignment issue. [FIX] Downloads Overview Controls, now can show between 5 - 25 Latest DL/Most DL, not 6 - 25. [UPDATED] Upload feature altered to now just upload the files/images without changing the names of the files. [UPGRADE] Tooltip added into the download configuration to help with some of the options [UPGRADE] Downloads Display controls - the ability to change how you want your downloads look. You have 3 options to choose from. [UPGRADE] Downloads Restrictions - Ability to control how many downloads you want your users to download per day/per week. Help stop people just registering on your site to download and never show up again. Altered the look of the downloads configuration section of the ACP. Modifying Downloads section where it was impossible to change sub folders Allow uploads for cats is fixed along with the relative path Errors in edit Download and Category using IE fixed. Errors with the uploaded files opening to a blank page when downloaded. Search feature fixed and working 100% Removed the collapsible feature which was not working. [UPDATED] Downloads ACP has been altered to make it easier to use Added in a new tab feature which can be used in place of the stock view of the downloads. (Thanks to Snype) Tab Color controls has been added so you can alter them to any color structure you want. Minimum Post Controls feature added to help stop people from just coming to your site and downloading. Thumbnail controls added so you can change the size of your thumbnails through out the module. Featured scrolling listing found under the Overview controls and a on and off switch for it. Color category titles added. Works with sub categories also. Few new blocks added to the module, (Thanks Snype). Color picker that will provide you with the HEX code to use. Download list now will show you what you have featured and what you dont have featured using color icons for quick reference. Altered most of the images in the module, will still use images of the theme first before it will use the ones that I created. Got the system PHP5 compliant. Added in the ability to assign Category icons Added in FaceBook Comments along with full admin controls.

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