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Restart On Crash Servers



Restart On Crash Automatically Restarts Crashed Or Frozen Applications

It is a given that applications crash or hang from time to time leaving the user with no other choice but to restart them to continue working. The causes are manifold, and troubleshooting takes a lot of time especially to uncover why a specific application crashed at a specific time.

Crashed or frozen apps are especially problematic in situations where the computer system is left unattended. Examples would be to leave the computer on over night to finish a download, render a movie or compile a computer program.

A crash without safeguard in place usually means that a specific workload could not be completed.

Applications like Restart On Crash, monitor specific programs that are running on the system.

They constantly check if a monitored application is running and responding properly, and react immediately if it is not.

The portable software Restart On Crash monitors applications that are added by the user. The four buttons on top of the interface are used to add and delete monitored applications, display the application log or open the settings of the program.

The add button opens a second program window. Here it is possible to add a running application or an executable from the computerâ??s hard drive.

Two different crash and hang checks are available. Restart On Crash assumes a program has crashed or hanged if the program does not respond to Windows messages. The second check needs to be activated, it basically assumes that the program has crashed if it is not running.

The after the crash configuration consists of two parameters. The first will kill the applicationâ??s process if it is still running, the second executes a command, which usually means restarting the application that has crashed or frozen. Restart On Crash will automatically fill in the applicationâ??s path after a process or program has been selected for monitoring.

All monitored applications are displayed in the main program interface. The checkmark in front indicates that they are monitored, removing the checkmark disables the monitoring for the time being.

Monitored applications that are closed by the user, freeze up, or crash are automatically restarted by the software. The kill switch if the process is still running will kill all instances of the program, which needs to be considered. This can be problematic if an application launches multiple program instances that are independent of each other, and only one of them crashes or hangs.

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